Harikirtan Primary School, Dolakha

Hari Kirtan Primary School

Harikirtan Primary School (250 students) is situated in Makaibari village of Dolakha District. This school is managed by the local community. SEF supports this school’s new building projects (eg additional classrooms) and other infrastructure developments, and has provided sports and educational materials, an ECD program, scholarships for marginalized and economically disadvantaged children, and a healthy lunch program. SEF has also established income generation programs and the educational saving program.


The SEF team, encourages the school community to improve the quality of education and school environment. Now the school has 16 furnished classrooms. There are 215 members in the educational saving program. Parents are economically poor but they are committed to their children's education. All community members now actively participate in school activities.


This school is one of SEF’s most successful schools. In 2008, Harikirtan Primary School was awarded best school in the Dolakha district by the District Education Office, Dolakha. After successful implementation and maintenance of the school support program, SEF will be able to phase out its financial support of this school from April 2010. However, SEF will maintain contact with this school and its community and will continue to provide support and advice where needed to continue with their outstanding achievements in improving the education of their children and the quality of life of the entire community. We will continue to provide scholarships to individual students in this community.


-       Increased student enrolment

-       Regular school attendance

-       Lunch program

-       Early childhood Development class and teacher

-       Improved school building program

-       Individual student scholarships

-       Establishment of educational saving program




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