Who We Are

Sunrise Education Foundation commenced in 2002 using a model of community participatory action to support the improvement of primary education for children from poor villages in Nepal. Through collaboration with village school and community committees, SEF also works to improve nutrition and health, and to implement programs, such as micro financing, for sustainable development in order to improve the quality of life of all members of the school community and its village.

The Foundation is a fully incorporated, not for profit organization, registered with CAF, UK. From small beginnings, the foundation has steadily increased its activities and achievements and today we are proud to report that we are currently supporting ten schools and 20 individual student scholarships. This means that the Foundation is supporting close to 900 children and their families.

Currently, SEF has an energetic and committed group of volunteers including Ram Sundar Shrestha, Aadesh Karmachharya, Baikuntha Silwal, Krishna Om Thapa, Kapil Shrestha, Yesodha Silwal and Purna Bhadur Shrestha. Since 2006, because of our rapidly expanding program of work, the foundation employed a program manager, Kapil Shrestha. Kapil visits all our sponsored schools and students regularly to provide support and to monitor needs and progress. Dianna visits Nepal for two weeks every year to meet with her Nepalese colleagues and to plan the program for the coming year. The Nepalese team implements the programs and reports to the Foundation's executive committee.

Thank you for your sponsorship and support for our work.


Working Commitments

To support quality education as a way out of poverty for disadvantaged Nepalese children

Non-negotiable principles

  • The Foundation is a co-operative non-government organization that is a partnership between Foundation members, parents, schools, sponsors, the local community, and government and non-government organizations.
  • There is one paid program manager for the foundation. All other workers for the Foundation are volunteers
  • All materials are donated
  • 100% funds raised by the Foundation directly support the education, health and welfare of Nepalese children and their families and communities
  • Sponsors may have direct contact with their sponsored children


  • Provide financial support to remote rural schools that are not receiving adequate support from government or non-government organizations.
  • Provide individual scholarships for children with special needs and circumstances.
  • To encourage the development of social awareness in children who have benefited from the work of the foundation, so that they will be able to contribute to the development of Nepalese society when they complete their studies.
  • Develop community awareness campaigns to enlist the support of parents in assisting with their children's education.
  • Identify and facilitate the voluntary participation of committed individuals and organizations to support the work of the foundation.
  • Attract sponsorship from Australia and other countries for the work of the foundation
  • To raise the awareness of the plight of disadvantaged children through the Education Journalists' Group and to lobby for funding.


Provision of

  • Pre-primary and primary level educational materials to schools.
  • Teacher supplies such as blackboards, charts and other teaching materials as required.
  • Textbooks and school equipment to children attending sponsored schools.
  • Basic school infrastructure such as a clean water supply and sanitation, flooring, and building projects.
  • Funds for a school based lunch program

We also

  • Assess applications and award educational scholarships to children to support their education.
  • Plan to establish and maintain a Foundation home for children without families.










Quick Contact

P O Box 7869, Gwarko 17, Bafal, Lalitpur, Nepal
Telephone: 977-1- 5201285,
Fax: 977-1-5201285
Mobile: 977-9851058475
E-mail: harith@ntc.net.np

Quick Contact Australia

22 Zoeller St, Concord, NSW, Australia 2137
Telephone: 61-2-9114 0711
Fax: 61- 2-9351 9540
E-mail: dianna.kenny@sydney.edu.au
Website: www.diannakenny.com